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The Tornado Anchor is a new “spin” on anchor systems. Engineered to contour to
the river bottom, the revolutionary design of the Tornado Anchor allows more
surface-edge contact. This increase in contact area creates more uninterrupted
drag, stopping your boat faster. The Tornado Anchor uses a patent-pending
design, developed using the latest CAD software. The anchor consists of a series
of stacked blades which independently rotate to conform to ever-changing
conditions. As the blades rotate, the shape of the anchor changes, allowing more
linear-edge surface area to grip and dig into the riverbed.
Simply put, the Tornado Anchor works better than traditional lead
anchors. Period.
Stop when you want, where you want.
The Tornado Anchor is the evolution of the drift boat anchor.

The Tornado Anchor is engineered to stop your boat faster. With quicker stopping
performance, inherently, it creates a SAFER user experience. Boat positioning
becomes more predictable and reliable. Another benefit of a more positive stop
and less dragging is HABITAT PRESERVATION. The Tornado Anchor disturbs less
of the riverbed while being used. Lastly the Tornado Anchor is a
100% LEADFREE design. Our Anchor is Eco Neutral and does not leech any
contaminants into our waters.

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