Research & Development


The Hyde Drift Boat research and development team continue to set the bar in the industry for craftsmanship, design and value. We have earned our reputation by producing the most durable and innovative drift boat products in the world. We invest a tremendous amount of time and resources developing products such as our Modular Design, the G4 Bottom©, 3-Point Leg Brace©, rigid raised level floors, recessed rod holders, and many other innovations that provide the ultimate fishing experience for you, our customer. The hull design of our boats remains the top priority in our research and development efforts. Our reputation of being the easiest rowing boat is important to you and to us. With that in mind, we are continually developing new technology to further improve the “row ability” of our drift boats.

Drift Boat Design “Flow and Control”

The following article is a brief overview of how river conditions affect a rower’s ability to maneuver a drift boat.

1. We’ll talk about hydrodynamics, turbulence, and drag. We’ll first touch on what they are and how each can make or break a drift boat design.
2. We’ll show off the technology Hyde has developed along with the sound engineering concepts we currently use in our innovative boat designs.
3. Finally, we will review a few concepts currently used by other manufacturers in their drift boat designs that we have found to be invalid.


2.Innovative Boat Design

3.Invalid Boat Concepts